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The Raven is a 2012 film directed by James McTeigue. It is an American mystery thriller. We are a fan site.

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This is a fan site for the 2012 film The Raven directed by James McTeigue. The Raven is an American mystery thriller about a serial killer who murders people in Baltimore, Maryland, following the Gothic horror stories of Edgar Allen Poe.

Poe himself makes an appearance in the form of John Cusack who aids detective Emmett Fields who has to first investigate a homicide which resembles a death within the short story “The Murders in the Rue Morgue”. Together Poe and Fields have to collaborate to prevent the writer’s stories becoming reality.

Some may remember “The Raven” poem from an episode of The Simpsons which is adapted so that Homer is taunted by a raven following his wife’s death.

The 2012 film stars John Cusack, Luke Evans and Brendan Gleeson. The film was generally reviewed negatively. Rotten Tomatoes gave the film 23% on their Tomatometer. The Raven was criticised for being subdued, half-hearted and clumsy. However, Richard Corliss of TIME Magazine claimed it “nicely balances its literary gamesmanship with a R-rated thriller's mandatory gross-out tableaux.”

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